Data Backup and Storage: Data Recovery Services and Software

At you will find qualified advice about keeping your existing data safe and restoring data if it gets corrupted, lost or deleted.

The site focuses on:

  • Onsite Data Backup and Storage Solutions – both hardware and software
  • Offsite / Cloud / Online Storage and Backup – we explain the differences
  • Data Backup and Data Recovery Programs and Utilities
  • Data Recovery Services – Local, National and International

onsite and colud storage and backup - data recovery software and services

We are qualified IT professionals, we do not provide any products or services mentioned on this website but seek to give you the very best advice in relation to your Personal, Business or Corporate data and guide you to the suppliers who are best placed to offer Onsite and Offsite (Online / Cloud) Hardware, Software or Services that meet your needs.

This website is financially supported by some of the suppliers we recommend, however we will only recommend products or services that we are satisfied will offer great value, but more importantly offer high levels of security for your existing data and the best opportunity for recovery of lost or corrupted data.

If you find that our recommendations are not suited to your specific needs or choose not to use the links we provide or use advertisers on the site, we trust that we will provide you with some valuable information to help you make the best choices for your individual needs and encourage you to return the next time you need advice.

The site focuses on 3 distinct sections relating to the integrity of your digital assets:

Onsite Backup and Storage Solutions

This section focuses on onsite solutions – in your own buiding. Most individuals and all businesses have valuable digital assets and need to carefully choose the right hardware and software to protect them. Our aim is to offer you the most appropriate advice for your personal, business or corporate onsite solutions.

We explain the difference between Storage and Backup – many people use these terms interchangeably, but they serve two different functions.

This section also introduces Backup and Recovery programs and utilities which you use for ongoing data management as opposed to dedicated recovery programs that are only used when disaster strikes.

Although Online / Cloud backup is becoming very popular this needs to be paired with a robust onsite storage and backup solution. have a simple introduction to Onsite Computer Backup Hardware – you will find more detailed information throughout the Onsite Backup section of this site.

OffSite (Online / Cloud) Storage and Backup

This section focuses on storing your data off site and off site backup – in the cloud. Cloud is currently a commonly used ‘buzz word’ but many websites and service providers manage to cause much confusion over terms like: Online Backup, Offsite Backup, Online Storage, Cloud Storage, Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting and several other variations of these terms.

There is much overlap and duplication in the meaning of many of these terms but it is important to understand the differences and choose the service or services most suited to your budget, your existing IT infrastructure and the value of your digital assets.

With today’s fast upload and download speeds available to an increasing number of IT users, everyone should be using some form of Online / Cloud services to offer flexible working solutions, increased data sharing among colleagues, suppliers and customers and most importantly protecting data integrity.

Wikipedia have a good page titled “Threats and opportunities of the cloud”

Data Recovery

This section focuses on the use of recovery programs and utilities vs the more expensive use of recovery services for various media including:

Internal Hard Drive, External Hard Drive, Portable Hard Drive, RAID Array, NAS, SAN, Backup Appliance, Tape, SD Card, SSD (Solid State Drive), CD, DVD

We give important warnings about how using software can cause further data loss if you, your staff or your computer support “expert” are not qualified to use the software correctly.

We suggest when it might be appropriate to use paid or free software and recommend suitable programs. We also point out the limited ways our CEO would use file recovery programs or utilities – even though he is a qualified IT professional to MSc standard.

We also highlight the fact that ALL medium that store data (eg magnetic disks, Optical disks or Solid State Cards or Hard Disks) WILL lose some or all of the data they contain at some stage. If you have set up a robust data backup system then you will be able to recover that data, however thousands of Data Recovery Specialists spend their full time recovering data for individuals, small business, large business or corporate institutions who have lost critical data and could face high financial costs if it is not recovered.

Using a professional Data Recovery Specialist does have a high cost, always more than the cost of the medium that holds the data. However just as you would want a medical doctor to be highly qualified, have the best support staff and use the most up to date clinically safe facilities, you need to choose the Best Data Recovery Service to increase the chances that your deleted files or corrupted data is recovered. We also refer to statistics about the consequences to businesses who lose critical data.

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